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     Vice-Chancellor's Message
Dravidian University, a unique contemplation of ideas towards the promotion of Dravidian languages and understanding of their social and cultural transformations, both temporal and special planes was conceived by great scholars such as Subramanian. Such an idea was aptly supported by all Dravidian states and formed Dravidian University, the only Interstate University in the Country. The geographic location of this University is a typical representation of its multilingual presence. It is my great privilege to be the Vice-Chancellor of such unique place of integration of cultures and learning and I am grateful to the Government of Andhra Pradesh and His Excellency Governor of Andhra Pradesh for bestowing me with this unique responsibility. Dravidian University is a conglomeration of varied blends of literary life and curriculum and once should be fortunate enough to be part of this Inter-State Center of higher learning.

The University, established in 1997 by the Dravidian University Act, 1997 has been evolving over the past 20 years and now standing proud not only in the area of languages but also in the fields of science and technology and social sciences. Perhaps this is the only University in the Country, which enjoys the towering presence in languages and also displays strong presence in science and technology disciplines. Everyone at Dravidian University (DU) is aware of this unique feature and proudly carries it forward.

As a Vice-Chancellor, I am tasked with galvanizing the strengths of this multi-lingual University in the domain of languages and evolve new domains of dominance by integrating the strengths of science and technology with linguistics. While the traditional areas do provide a great opportunity to offer education to youth, integration of different planes of knowledge would throw at us a new challenge of knowledge exploration in the form of front-end research in the niche areas. It would drive us towards the new frontiers. These two schools of thought compliment each other. Now Dravidian University has embarked onto such an enticing journey of education and research that not only provide education and research platforms but also addresses problems of social relevance. Being an Environment and Development Scientist, I am glad to join this journey and lead it to meaningful planes.

In this innovative drive, it is important for the University to be “outwards” and Dravidian University looks forward to collaborating with a variety of academic and research groups that are mutual complimenting. We invite you all to join this interesting academic journey of this unique University. Eleven hundred acres of beautiful landscape with rich flora and fauna and Granite filled terrain provides the correct ambience for such an enticing academic journey. Please come and join us.

Prof.Sudhakar Yedla
B.E.,M.Tech (IIT-KGP); PhD. (IIT-KGP);
PDF (AIT,Thailand); Dip.IEL (Switzerland);

Professor of Environmental Policy
Vice-Chancellor, Dravidian University