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Journal Publications for the year - 2018

Series.No Authors Name of the Journal Article Abstract
DU/JP/2018/01 Prof.Doraswamy,M An Analysis of Books Used by Computer Science and Engineering Students at Siddhartha Engineering College Download
DU/JP/2018/02 Dr.Anjaiah,M & Sakilam Rajesh Use Pattern of Print and Electronic Resources by the Faculty Mambers and Students of Selected Symbiosis Group of Institutions- A Study Download
DU/JP/2018/03 Doraswamy,M and Madhavi,Ch Awareness and Usage of Electronic Information Resources among Engineering Students: A Case Study Download
DU/JP/2018/03 Rajesh Kumar, D and Dr.Anjaiah,M A Survey on Collection Development of NAAC Accredited Government Degree College Libraries Affiliated to Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana State Download
DU/JP/2018/04 Dr.Ammulu,K An Affective Web Recommendation Technique by suing Web Usage Mining Sequential Patterns Download
DU/JP/2018/05 Dr.Ammulu,K An Implementation of New Modified Random Forest Technique to Predict Patients from Swine Flu Diseases at Early Stage Download
DU/JP/2018/06 Jagadish,B and Dr.Anjaiah,M Awareness and use of open access Resources among the students of Selected Engineering Institutions in Telangana State:A Study Download
DU/JP/2018/07 Ammulu,K and Dr.Venugopal, T Classification of Arcene Dataset using Modified Random Forest Algorithm Download
DU/JP/2018/08 Dr.Anuradha,T and Thrimoorthy, N Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network based on Prediction Modelling with HMM Download
DU/JP/2018/09 Dr. Ammulu,K Data Mining:To Construct Medical Data Ontology for Identifying Missing Data Attributes Download
DU/JP/2018/10 Dr. Ammulu,K Design and Implementation of Search Method Using Strong Key Word Domain Set Download
DU/JP/2018/11 Dr. Ammulu,K Design and Implementation of Secure Automated Signature Generation System for Detecting Malwares in the Network During Execution Download
DU/JP/2018/12 Dr. Ammulu,K Diabetes Data Prediction Using Data Classification Algorithm Download
DU/JP/2018/13 Yarrappagaari Suresh, Rajesekar, Saddala Rajeswara Reddy, Benne Lakshmi Narsimhulu, Thopireddy Lavanya, Mustrahally Rajgopal, Bathula Srinivas Evaluation of the Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Four Various Solvent Extracts from Cleome Viscosa whole Plant Download
DU/JP/2018/14 Lt. P. Sreekumar Imperatives in Malayalam:Structure, Typology and Relations Download
DU/JP/2018/15 Prof. K. Sreedevi Janapada Sahityam - Zender Spruha Download
DU/JP/2018/16 Dr.Anjaiah,M & Niranjan,M Knowledge and Use of Electronic Resources (ER) By the Faculty Members of KITSW (Autonomous),Warangal, Telangana State Download
DU/JP/2018/17 Dastagiri Dudekula and Dr.Anjaiah,M Library Resources and Services of Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RJKUT), Nuzivid, Andhra Pradesh:A Study Download
DU/JP/2018/18 Prof. K. Sreedevi Natthagullalu Navala - Madyatharagathi Nirvedam Download
DU/JP/2018/19 Ammulu, K Role of PSO in Data Classification Algorithm Download
DU/JP/2018/20 Prof. K.Sreedevi Udyama Navala Download
DU/JP/2018/21 Kameswara Rao,G and Dr.Anjaiah,M Use of Information Resources in Minority Engineering College Libraries under the Jurisdiction of Jawharlal Nehru Technological Univeristy, Kakinada:A Critical Study Download
DU/JP/2018/22 Mahesh Kumarm Vajay ,P and Dr. Kishore Avineni Use Pattern of E-Sodhsindhu Consortium Among Research Scholars and Students of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati: A Study Download
DU/JP/2018/23 Arun Kumar,M and Dr. Anjaiah,M Use Patterns of E-Resources by the Professional Students of University College of Engineering , Osmania University, Hyderabad: A Case Study Download
DU/JP/2018/24 Kishor Kumar,M and Dr.Anjaiah,M Utilisation and Satisfaction on UGC-Infonet e-Journals by Faculty Members and Research Scholars: A Case Study of Univeristy of Hyderabad, Hyderabad Download
DU/JP/2018/25 Dr. Ammulu,K Web Personalization: An Efficient Web Recommendation System by Constructing Frequent Sequential Pattern Trees Download