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Journal Publications for the year - 2017

Series.No Authors Name of the Journal Article Abstract
DU/JP/2017/01 Subramanyam, G and Doraswamy, M A Study on Usage Level of Digital Resurces and Services in University Engineering College Libraries in Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh Download
DU/JP/2017/02 Dr.Sripriya,D A Study of Cultivation and Marketing of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Telangana Download
DU/JP/2017/03 Dr.Ammulu,K and Venugopal,T A Study on Quontum Computing Download
DU/JP/2017/04 Mythili Rajyalaxmi,M.N and Dr.Anjaiah,M Access, Use and Level of Satisfaction of Availability of Electronic Resources By the Students of Kuppam Engineering College, Kuppam Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh-A Case Download
DU/JP/2017/05 Orugonda,A and Kiran Kumar,V A New Approach for the Betterment in Energy-Aware Vmsheduling Download
DU/JP/2017/06 Santhoshi Muppala, Mastan Mannarapu and Gangi Purna Nagaraj Andiponectin: Its Role in Obesity-Associated Colon and Prostate Carcers Download
DU/JP/2017/07 Putta,S, Mannarapu,M and Bishayee,A Anthocyanins: Possible Role as multitarget Therapeatic Agents for Prevention of Therapy of Chronic Diseases Download
DU/JP/2017/08 Dr.Sripriya,D Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities from Leaf Extracts of Cassia Alata L., An Ethno-Medicinal Plant Download
DU/JP/2017/09 Arun Kumar,M and Dr.Anjaiah,M Awareness, Access and use of Electronic Information Resources By the Students' Community: A Case Study of JNTUH College of Engineering Kukatpally, Hyderabad,TS Download
DU/JP/2017/10 Mantha.Raghu and Dr.Anjaiah,M Best Library Practices in Business Schools of Hyderabad:A Case Study VJIM Download
DU/JP/2017/11 Prabhudas,S and Mastan Mannarapu Biosynthesis and Charecterisation of Silver nanoparticles by Using Green Tea Leaf Extract from Camellia Sinensis Download
DU/JP/2017/12 Dr.Ammulu,K and Venugopal,T Classification of SPECT Meart Dataset using Efficient Modified Random Forest Algorithm Download
DU/JP/2017/13 Dr.Ammulu,K and Venugopal,T Classification of wine Dataset using Efficient Modified Random Forest Algorithm Download
DU/JP/2017/14 Thrimoorthy,N and Anuradha,T Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network based on Prediction Modeling wish HMM Download
DU/JP/2017/15 Thrimoorthy,N and Anuradha,T Conjestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network based on Predicted Sensor Position on Movement for Body Area Network Applications Download
DU/JP/2017/16 Gutha Rajasekar, Yarra Ppagaari Suresh, Thopireddy Lavanya and Saddala Rajeswara Reddy Effect of Sublethal Exposure to Copper on Oxidativ Stress and Ontioxidant Defenses in Catla Catla L, Download
DU/JP/2017/17 Muthyalaiah Chetty,K.C and Dr.Kishore Avineni Effect of Social Media and Electronic Media on readig Habits of Engineering Students of Sri Kalahastiswara Institute of Technology Download
DU/JP/2017/18 Anil Kumar,A and Shobha Rani,T Electro Chemical Oxidation of Masalazine Drug at Poly (glautamic acid) Modified Glassy Carbon Elctrode Download
DU/JP/2017/19 Dr.Sripriya,D Ethno-Botanical uses of some Plants by Tribes in AP, India Authors Download
DU/JP/2017/20 Gutha Rajasekar, Yarrappagaari Suresh, Thopireddy Lavanya and Saddala Rajeswara Reddy Evaluation of Copper Acute Toxicity in Comanoncarp (Catla Catla L.) Download
DU/JP/2017/21 Paul Raj,Y, Deepa,K, Lingappa,Y, Madhu Sudhan Reddy, V and Shobha Rani,T Evaluation of Trace Elements in some Medicinal Plants: Jatropha, Albizia, Azadirachta Indica and Datura Palnts Download