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Journal Publications for the year - 2016

Series.No Authors Name of the Journal Article Abstract
DU/JP/2016/01 Prof.Doraswamy,M and Kusuma Kumari,K Use of Library Resources and Services by the Students of Autonomous Degree College Libraries in Vijayawada Download
DU/JP/2016/02 Dr.Anuradha,T A Novel Teiler Public Key Cryptosystem for Securing Data in Transmit and Storage Download
DU/JP/2016/03 Paul Raj,Y, Deepa,K, Lingappa,Y, Anil Kumar,A, Venkata Reddy, G.V and Dr.Shobha Rani, A Simple Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Arsenic in Environmental and Medicinal Leave Samples using Benzil-5-amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-thiol(BZATDT) Download
DU/JP/2016/04 Dr.Anuradha,T Congestion Detection Approaches in Wireless Sensor Networks:A Comparative Study Download
DU/JP/2016/05 Dr.Anjaiah,M Digital Information Literacy among Research Scholars and Students Community at Dravidian University, Kuppam-Andhra Pradesh(India):An Exploratory Study Download
DU/JP/2016/06 Dr.Anjaiah,M Distribution of Work Load at Balancer Level using Enhanced Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm in a Public Cloud Download
DU/JP/2016/07 Harsha Vardhan,E Dominant Culture and Marginality-A Study of Historical Process in Early Andhra Download
DU/JP/2016/08 Harsha Vardhan,E Dr.B.R Ambedkar's Perspectives on Education and Social Change Download
DU/JP/2016/09 Prof. Sreedevi,K Drusyamadyama Rangabhumi Download
DU/JP/2016/10 Dr.Anuradha,T E-Agriculture Services Framework Design for Cloud Download
DU/JP/2016/11 Dr.Anuradha,T E-Learning with Cloud Computing:A Next Generation Technological Learning Download
DU/JP/2016/12 Vijay Mahesh Kumar,P and Dr. Kishore Avineni E-Sodh Sindhu: Consortia Gateway Digital Repository for Higher Education in India Download
DU/JP/2016/13 Sudhasri Purna,G, Narendra Reddy, C.M, Swetha Prasuna, V.N and Dr.Srinivas,B Effect of silver nitrate and various sugars on in vitro plant regeneration of Marsilea quadrifolia(L) Download
DU/JP/2016/14 Prof.Balasubramanian,G Irulas of Krishnagiri and Kuppam: A Proposal for Re-Designation Download
DU/JP/2016/15 Dr.Anjaiah,M and Kotreshappa,A.G Library Resources, Library Facilities and Library Support Services to Distance Learners in Selected Open Universities in India-A Case Study Download