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Dravidian University Alumni Association (DUAA)

Dravidian University has a formal alumni association known as Dravidian University Alumni Association (DUAA) which is managed by Executive Body with representatives from different departments of the University. In Dravidian University, it is a strong belief that the Alumni are the generosity diplomats of the University. The DUAA aim is that, to promoting and inspiring cordial and fertile relations amongst members of the Alumni association and strive for mutual growth, achievement and advancement in various fields.  

The University also considers its alumnis feedback in various academic, infrastructural and co-curricular activities. The University runs a separate cell to co-ordinate with its passed out students and organizes on-campus as well as off-campus Alumni Meets on a regular basis. The alumni, students, employers and the University together are committed to build mutually beneficial and enduring relationships and serve the society in every way possible.

Objectives of the Alumni:

  1. To help each other in social and professional networking in order to create job opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities and professional contacts.
  2. To serve community aspects and nation.
  3. To work for an integrated development of Dravidian languages, both written and spoken, including the Tribal languages of the Dravidian family.
  4. To cooperate with, and seek the cooperation of other Universities and institutions of higher learning, professional bodies and organizations for such purposes as the university considers necessary.
  5. To specifically focus to upliftment of rural Dravidian culture and values through education.

Contact Us:

Dr. T. Maneppa
Assistant Professor
Dravidian University ALUMNI
Dravidian University
Kuppam 517 426
Contact No. 9440078163